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Eldorado Stone reveals 2015 Diamond Awards design competition winner

SAN DIEGO, CA - Eldorado Stone, manufacturer of the world’s most believable architectural stone veneer, announced today that Sophie Idan is the winner of its inaugural Diamond Awards design competition. Ms. Idan’s handcrafted stone veneer color entry was selected by builders, developers, architects and other industry professionals attending this year’s PCBC homebuilding show in San Diego and visitors to the company’s website during the month of July.

“Excellence in design is a core value at Eldorado Stone, and the Diamond Awards competition met its objective by bringing our artisans and superior quality masonry together with visionary interior designers,” said Ramsay Hawfield, the director of marketing at Eldorado Stone. “The caliber of the work exceeded expectations and experts from all corners of the building and design trades agreed that Sophie Idan’s color was a masterful contribution.”

An accomplished expert in design and architecture, Ms. Idan has worked with a wide range of clients, architects and contractors in developing her signature approach to interior design. Since 1988, she has worked as the interior designer for the Sherwood Country Club and Estates and she is also an accomplished musician and painter.

Idan combined the existing European Ledge stone veneer profile with an all-new, hand painted color combination to create the winning look. The newest color in Eldorado Stone’s portfolio will be available through authorized distributors in fall of 2015.

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